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I am one of five children - I’m the middle child in a rather loud family - so wanting to be heard and to be the centre of attention was a big thing. No one else in my family acts and my parents approached my going to drama school with a bit of trepidation, but they were phenomenal; they have always backed me. With hindsight, I don’t know whether I would have landed an agent if I hadn’t gone. It’s a springboard into an industry that I knew so little about."  — Rose Leslie for InStyle UK (November 2014)

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hello, friends!  for those who are interested, I’ve created a non-fandom side blog for inspiration.




You know, I never really liked this place anyway. The air conditioning doesn’t work in the summer, the heater doesn’t work in the winter, the rent’s a crime. After the attack, I never… never pined over any of my old crap, never missed it - stupid view of that parking lot, broken toilet in the bathroom. You know, everyone I know is fighting to get back what they had. I’m fighting because I don’t know how to do anything else.


Art is just another form of screaming

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Lady-Led Marvel Titles

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Above anything else, stay true to yourself. Whether that means for you that you like to have blue hair, or you don’t like to drink, or you are attracted to the same sex, or you want to remove yourself from Facebook, or you’ve got 3 different kids from 3 different dads but you know you’re a really good mom, or you cry for a week because your turtle died. Whatever your truth is, stay true to yourself. But be a good person while you’re at it.
Gillian Anderson’s advice for young feminists (via theladymargaery)
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get to know me meme (teen wolf edition)

01\08 favorite characters: scott mccall

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If you must live, darling one,

Just live

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